Iede Reckman

JIR 7769 - ∞

1 1 2 8 29 166 1023    

12947, 12600-12604, 12513, 12384, 12224, 12156-12178, 12175, 12119,
11854, 11770, 11670, 11619, 11552, 11321, 11131-11153, 11082,
10924, 10805, 10668, 10544, 10335,
9997, 9802-9893, 9795, 9678, 9199,
8713, 8305, 8174, 8040

'Plenum' A duo show with Rein Verhoef
Opening 10 May, on view until 8 June, at Billytown, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, The Hague

'Van Hout en de dingen die voorbijgaan'

Opening 30 Augustus, on view until 13 October, at Cargo in Context, Bonte Zwaan, Haparandadam 7-B8, Amsterdam

Completion public sculpture Spaarndam, mid November


studio address: Billytown, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, 2512 ZB Den Haag, The Netherlands

INTERVIEW: I was part of a series of interviews by Peter Nijenhuis.
The interview is here to read on his blog (in Dutch).


AVAILABLE: For all but finitely many
This publication contains my polyomino drawings
and the narrative Thank you for looking with such attention by Joanna Peace.
The design is made by Ayumi Higuchi.
Available at the Billytown Bookshop.
This publication is made possible with the support of Stroom Den Haag.


Booth 75, Art Rotterdam 2017
installation view (incl. Higgs 12449, Higgs 12524, Higgs 129xx, Polyominoes in thirteen segments (beech series),  
Polyominoes in thirteen segments (perspex series), Untitled 12518, Untitled 12521)
wood, plaster, paints, plywood, perspex, paper, pencil, pen, glass,
photography: Jhoeko
here to read: press release


For all but finitely many
installation view (incl. 1 1 2 8 29 166 1023 (polycubes (sketches)), Golden triangle, JIR 7769 - ∞,
Palliative, Unwinding tree trunk: redundancy of sculpture, Untitled 12518, Untitled 12521)
paper, pencil, pen, glass, wood, plywood, plaster, paints, flat screen, video
photography: Jhoeko
here to read: press release

12513 (11426)

plaster, chipwood, steel
photography: Jhoeko


installation view (incl. 1 1 2 8 29 166 1023 (polycubes), Equator, "The eye", Graph for Kelvin, Heptagon, Hercules 86 (27,4 light years), Higgs)
wood, plywood, glass, paper, pen, brass, photo frame, video loops

photography: Petr Willert
here to read: a cover with a text by Lucie Šmardová
Palliative, Czech Republic, iede reckman, Kabinet T., Zlín, art, Billytown


Kelvin-Morris junction #2


wood, photo frame, video loop, plastic boxes, cicadas
in collaboration with Nicola Kirkaldy
photography: Ayako Nishibori

Oenso exists out of a forty metre long meandering bench with integrated cicadas and a video. The bench is joined head-to-tail and follows the outline of the traditional Japanese house in the neighbourhood Yanaka in Tokyo, where we stayed during the collaborative project Uchinokoto. The bench is only interrupted by two upstanding posts that indicate the entrance of the house. One post has a photo frame installed that shows a video loop made of the scans of surfaces of that specific house in Tokyo.